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For more than 25 years we've been engaged in different projects during all their lifecycle performing as owner's representatives, advisors, project managers, supervisors, designers, and contractors.  These projects have been mostly related to the construction of hotels, tourist developments, real estate, commercial facilities, oil & gas, industrial facilities, and infrastructure.


Eventually, we consolidated a network of diverse professionals such as civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, IT engineers, managers, financial and real estate specialists dedicated to providing solutions for construction projects, obtaining successful and proven results.


Our experience in different countries in North America, South America, and the Caribbean contributed to our global vision and interaction with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.  We currently have offices located in Mexico, and we are connected with colleagues and strategic partners in the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom.


Today we are ready to provide solutions that require knowledge, experience, and permanent commitment to the challenges of a dynamic and fast-changing world.

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